Colour Flux

Combine colours! Unleash combos! Earn points! Become a colour master!

Discover new colours and unleash powerful combos! Break through fun puzzle objectives! Earn points and prestige! See how high you can go in this endless brain teaser, but watch out for incoming fluxes as they are sure to add a touch of coloured chaos to your best-laid plans.

Colour Flux is a single player tile matching puzzle game in which the player is challenged to combine primary coloured tiles to create new secondary or even tertiary colours in order to achieve success!


  • Merge tiles together to create new colours to complete objectives
  • Challenge yourself to three levels of difficulty
  • Drop and Resume in-progress games at any time
  • Arcade style local scores keep track of your personal bests
  • See how your scores compare to others with worldwide leaderboards
  • Cloud saving of local high scores so you can play on any device
  • Unlockable achievements for each difficulty